Eyebrow Threading Mountain View offers variety of threading services including eyebrow threading, full face threading, upper lip, chin, neck threading by our experienced threading experts.

Threading is the least abrasive of all methods used for temporarily removing facial hair from its root. With the use of a 100% cotton thread, shaping the eyebrows and removal of unwanted hair from the upper lip and other areas of the face can be achieved.

Threading is a natural alternative to waxing and far better than tweezing. Threading does not produce the same degree of irritation as waxing. Therefore, threading by far is not only considered less painful, but a gentle, unique, and highly effective way of removing excessive facial hair.

Threading is a great solution for both men and women, and it takes only minutes to transform your entire look.  This technique can be used all over the face and body and will remove even the tiniest of hairs from the follicle.

Hair removal by threading as an alternative to waxing which uses no chemicals but a cotton thread.  This technique is the most precise method, as it allows better lines and the technician can maneuver around the facial structure which helps create perfectly shaped eye brows and hair removal.

Additionally, threading does not damage your skin and you don't get those droopy eyelids usually associated with waxing, which can result in peeling skin or irritation.